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Intro of WWF

WWF is an international conservation organization that was formed in 1961. WWF-US is one of many WWFs around the world, and they are one of the biggest and have over 1 million members and they work in more than 100 countries. WWF-US's international mission is to protect biodiversity around the world.

History of WOW

WOW began in 1993 as a national program and then expanded internationally. To date, WOW has reached over 15 M people using biodiversity as the organizing theme. The materials targeted a middle school audience (ages 12-15 for students and both formal and nonformal educators)

Goals of WOW

As part of WOW, WWF has been working with communities around the US to secure a strong place for biodiversity in the curriculum of schools, as well as aquariums, zoos, museums, nature centers, and other community institutions. The program also makes it easier for educators to get high quality biodiversity materials and access to appropriate and effective professional development opportunities.

Society for Wildlife and Nature.
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